After 10 years of experience producing successful and innovative personalized events, Sue Nairn Smith, founder of The Romantic Garden, detected a rising need in the world of corporate events. While there were numerous floral designers in the market to be found, so many simply did not understand the imperative needs of the business world. With its unique blend of floral expertise and business acumen, Amethyst is Sue’s answer to that need.

Trained at New York City’s Parsons School of Design and the New York Botanical Garden, Sue combines her extensive experience in floral design with her MBA and corporate engineering background to bring a distinctive level of professional management to the floral design market. This potent combination empowers Amethyst with the core abilities to visualize event installations, presenting a notably signature feel to their audience while never losing sight of the client’s key business goals and objectives for the event. Amethyst’s specially-trained staff possesses the depth of understanding of events crucial for precise execution. Our production team knows that it is not just the design, but also the mechanics and implementation of an event that matter. We understand intimately that the success of an event pivots not only on our knowledge of materials, but also on just what those materials can be made to do to enhance the splash of your event. With our background, Amethyst is adept at serving as the lead designer or working in collaboration with other design and event teams.

Strategically located in northern New Jersey, Amethyst is just minutes away from most corporate locations in New Jersey, Manhattan and the lower Hudson Valley. With our large staging and production facility, Amethyst can handle corporate events ranging from intimate executive meetings to large organization-wide gatherings and celebrations.

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